New Fly Fishing YouTube Video!

Hi everyone, I know this isn’t the most active forum on the site but I wanted to share with anybody who reads this that I’ve started a new YouTube account called Make Time for Fishing and I posted a fly-fishing video this morning if anybody would like to check it out:

I’m very new to Fly Fishing but I’m really loving it so far! I’ve also really been enjoying filming my fishing trips because I get to relive them. Of course I’ve been having some of the worst fishing trips since I started filming them, but I’m optimistic things will turn around! Also, I’ve always liked photography and videography so this is just an excuse to mess around with some side projects. Enjoy and remember to make time for Fishing!!

Appropriate title! :+1:

Not the worse video I’ve seen, and certainly could use some more work. The camera angles were not always the best, and I’m sure that’s because of how you’re moving around. I’ve seen a few that the moving around was so bad, it was difficult to see what was happening. I couldn’t stand to watch them. You’re doing some positive things! At least I understood what you were trying to do & the camera was in focus! A Work in progress!

Welcome to fly fishing and all the best with your new endeavor! :smiley:

Love it. I thought you did pretty well for a go pro on a chest rig :slight_smile:

PM me and we can set up some time to chase reds and film it

Gheenoe LT 25 "Christie Belle"

Thanks for your reply! I’m doing what I can to get some good videos out there as I’m getting used to the finer details of filming yourself fishing, the cold front has kind of put a damper on the fishing so I’m digging deep to try and get some more footage. Glad to hear it’s at least possible to follow this early on in my filming! Take care and make time to get out and fish!

Remember to make time for fishing! YouTube:

Thanks a lot man! I’m working on remembering to angle my body appropriately when I’m hooked into a fish. Trying to get some topwater bass videos in the near future! Daylight savings/the cold front we’ve had have slowed down my ability to get out, but I’m still getting after it!

And I’d love to go out and chase some reds, tis the season! I’m traveling a lot in the coming weeks but let’s link up soon!

Remember to make time for fishing! YouTube:

Cool video, keep at it!
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