New forum question

Why did I have to create a new password to log in? The site didn’t recognize my usual name and password. Also, how do you determine if a forum has new postings since your last log in? Previous format the forum that had new posting since my last visit was ‘bolded’.

If your password was the same as your username or less than 6 characters it will not work with the new forum security policies.

NOTE: The new forum does not support spaces in usernames. If your old username had spaces in it, you will need to login using ‘_’ in place of the spaces.

Click the Charleston Fishing Fish icon in the top left to take you to the categories page, or click a category you are interested in (ie. Saltwater, or Freshwater).

Next click the “Latest” button at the top of the page. Posts that have not been read will be bolded, and for your next visit, you will get a red line that indicates posts since you were last online.

REPOST from above…

The reason for not being able to login under the original username is due to migrating an underscore for spaces. If you don’t use an underscore for the space, then you won’t be allowed in unless you use your email address.

Might want to post a message regarding this topic because many won’t remember the original email address… Just a change management suggestion…


Thanks @RBF, I’ll add that to the welcome message!

PS: You can quote a previous post by using the speech bubble button above where you are composing your post!

If the welcome message comes after login, then there really isn’t a need… If not, then perhaps on the Home Page before login, or a message on the authentication screen itself… Again, just ideas…