New GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.Extras. Great deal!

I just bought this GoPro last week. It is the $400 Hero 3 Black edition with remote. This is the newest and most expensive GoPro. I also have a couple different cases for it, the waterproof housing, the floaty back door attachment and many other mounts. I have a new mini sd card also. I have all receipts, paperwork, box etc. None of the mounts have been touched. I bought it to use while trolling this coming spring but got a deal on some outriggers I couldn’t pass up so I need to sell the GoPro to recoup some money. Like I said, it is new. I turned it on to try it out and that’s it. I have about $500 in everything and will make someone an awesome deal on it. Figured I would try here before I sell it on eBay. I will post pics later tonight. My number is 606-484-0889. I live on JI but drive to Summerville daily.

I’m asking $375 for everything guys. They are $399 plus tax and then you have to buy a $60 sd mini card. I’m also giving everything else with it I bought.

Updated with pics.

Would you be willing to make a trade?

No trades but thanks.

Interested send me a PM with contact info and we can talk


Check PM. I send interest in Go Pro MMassey

Pm’s returned

Sold. Thanks for the interest