New members?

Hey guys, me and my dad do alot of folly and lower stono fishing. (wappoo cut and down towards bird key). We just got our boat this summer and have never been in fishing club! Was looking at joining this 1 cuz of all the fine folks:smiley:. Well some dumb questions, what does a club do? how does it help? how much is it? where does everybody meet? how often do yall meet? thanks

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contact stono man on here, dues are 40 per year… meet at west ashly outboard motor club… there are monthly meetings, seminars, and opportunities to talk one on one with anglers that are pretty good at catching fish… sometimes there are dinners, always fellowship, in club tournaments etc. A great way to meet new friends that also like to fish. The next meeting is Wed jan 18…630 pm or so,

Do it. Join SRFC. It will be the best thing you ever did to improve your fishing.

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I tried to contact those guys a while back to no aveil …

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