New Raymarine E97 integration issues

I just installed a new e97 MFD with the RD418HD Digital Radome and Raystar 130 ext GPS antenna, but I’m having a few problems integrating the system into the boat.

  1. The biggest problem I’m having is that the Radar display will not display over the chart. When I attempt to do it, an alert is displayed that no heading information is available.

  2. The 2nd problem I’m having is that the Raystar GPS is not being picked up by the MFD. It was working fine yesterday, but when I attempted to turn it on today, I got an error about the converter. I don’t think I installed wrong, because it was working fine yesterday. Is there a common problem that I may need to check?

  3. I’ve got 2001 Yamaha 200 HPDI that doesn’t have a fuel management guage. I’d like to connect it to the e97 MFD, but I’m not sure if it has NMEA cables. Do any of you know if the engine has NMEA connections? And if so, what wires do I need to look for?

  4. Finally, I’m considering adding autopilot, but I’m not sure what all I’d need.

I’d appreciate any help I can get with any or all of the problems I’m trying address.

Can only do the overlay feature if you have a heading sensor installed, not sure if those units contain one or if you need a stand alone, manual should state.

Autopilots are great, espicially for fishing short handed. Basically upou would need the whole “install” kit, it ties into your existing hyd steering. Have installed many of them, give me a holler if needed.

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if you don’t have the electronic compass(heading sensor) it won’t give you a heading with out moving the boat. If you are not receiving any information from your GPS antenna, double check the wiring to the antenna

If you go with auto pilot it should include a rate compass which will also enable your radar overlay. otherwise, you’ll need to add a rate compass to make the overlay work.

Thanks for all the help guys. We’ve decided to go ahead and install an autopilot system to get the dual advantage of radar overlay and autopilot.
As for the external GPS, it seems that the inline fuse may have worked itself loose. I pushed it back together, and it seems everything is back to normal.
For fuel management, we’re going to install an inline fuel flow sensor and connect it to the e97 MFD.
Again, thanks for the ■■■■■■■■.