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My wife recently bought me a new reel for my birthday (Penn Clash 3000). She ordered it online and I want to know what steps i need to take to ensure that it is ready to fish with. I just don’t want any stripped gears or anything in case the reel isn’t properly greased etc. I’ve never bought a reel online because i typically support my local shop (Haddrell’s) and know my gear is always ready for action. Should i just take it by there and have them look at it?

Fill it with some braid and it should be ready to go.

If it was brand new in the box, then do what InshoreAngler said and you should be fine. Tackle shops don’t breakdown and “service” brand new reels when they come in from the manufacturer/distributor so your reel (if it was brand new in the box) would’ve been in the same condition as any brand new in the box reel purchased from a tackle shop. Don’t over-think it. Spool it up, attach it to a rod and go fishing.

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Yea it was brand new sealed and packaged. She said the reason she got it online is because she found it for $141 (including S&H and tax) from JJsportfishing as opposed to 199.99+tax ($217) from haddrell’s. Can’t blame her for that. Thanks for the advice im going to spool it with 15# braid and go catch some fish

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The only preventative maintenance we recommend is some Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner as it repels saltwater because it is oil based.

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Typically, factory lubes are over done, so with a spinning reel you should be fine. Baitcasters may sometimes have issues from too much grease or oil, but rarely spinning reels will.

I agree with the other posts, add your line & go fishing! :wink: