New to Forum

Hey all! New to the forum, been following ya’ll off and on again since 2009. About to retire from the Navy after 24 years and hoping to get some more inshore fishing in. Started inshore fishing when I got stationed here back in 09 and been hooked ever since. I’ve recently upgraded from a 16’ jon boat to a 20’ key west skiff. Looking forward to getting out there and posting some pics. Keep those lines tight!

Shawn Brown

First of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE:smiley: ! Welcome to CF, lots of good info posted here by a lot of really great bunch of fishers, also a lot of B-s*#t from others…Post often with pics of catch, enjoy…

George McDonald ; MAD Charleston

When you see “Old Glory” waving in the breeze, know that it is the dying breaths of our fallen hero’s that makes it wave.
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Welcome aboard, and the best of luck fishing and retiring. This forum can teach you many things.I know sometimes I go back and check some of the old timers info ,sadly we have lost some true characters who were a wealth of info. Thanks for all your service time and may you be blessed with grand sunrises and sunsets that take your breath away

Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ll definitely could use some tips. Went out last year out in the cooper a few times and caught very few. My spots I had from 2009 didn’t produce anything all year. Guess i need to do some more scouting and research. Hopefully I can get out next week, gonna be warm weather.

Shawn Brown

Welcome to the sight! Lot’s of good information shared here. If you can’t find a local to go with it may be beneficial for you to take a Charter. We all can read and read, but actually watching someone do something can make all the difference.

If going to a new area just keep in mind the tide shallow areas. Our Coast is a maze of mud flats and sand bars.

Thanks Fred. I went with a guide (Mark Phelps) years back off the ICW, learned tons. I’m very familiar with the mud flat at bushy park, got my motor caught up in a crap trap that someone else tore up. Not fun, especially anchored in the middle of the river with a barge coming right at me!

Shawn Brown