New to Inshore Fishing - Club Recommendations?

Hello everyone,

This year I’ve decided to get more involved in inshore fishing and there’s a lot to learn to be successful. I live in Moncks Corner and there are a ton of bass fishing clubs around that you can join - even if you don’t have a boat and can tag along with one of the other boat owning members. Are there any inshore clubs like that in the Charleston area? Would love to join a local club and have the opportunity to fish with other members to learn more about inshore fishing and compete in local competitions.

Also, I am currently a member of Lowcountry Kayak Anglers. I got a kayak in December and have been out a few times this year and got skunked. I’m looking forward to meeting other members of LKA as well and hopefully competing in some competitions this year once I get a better handle on things.

Thank you for reading!

Bailey Timmons

Welcome to the site, GingerBails!

While I can’t give you any pointers on the local clubs, in your area, I think you’ll find that the folks on this site will offer you a wealth of Inshore knowledge!

The search function can be your friend, too.

Welcome to CFC! Like Mixed said lot’s of information here. Years of old stuff you can dig up from some of the best fishermen in S.C. by using the search function. For clubs, I hope somebody on here can help you, but you may find it more useful to search for clubs on FB. I think StonoMan was the last posting about an inshore club and that was some time ago.

Like the Name! My son’s a ginger! He’s a day walker. His hair is almost long enough again to donate to the cancer society.

Thank you!

Thanks for the welcome to CFC! I’m excited to be here. I’ll check out the search function and FB groups for clubs - thank you for the tip! Also, glad you like my username, it’s usually a decent conversation starter, lol and it’s awesome to hear about your son!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

Is the Summervile Saltwater Anglers (club) still a thing? Might look that up on the fb.

Also, welcome aboard.

Hey @GingerBails ,

There is a Daniel Island Inshore Fishing club that has some great events and great people. I’d definitely recommend checking them out!