New to me in Port Royal.. Cypress Wetlands board walk

Had to take my son to Beaufort for some Knee Surgery and was out looking for the Micro Brewery Bay posted (found it!). Saw this place and decided to take a walk. It’s a 1/2 mile board walk around a retention pond. I’ve seen many a bird in the swamp and rivers but never so many species in such a close area! Turtles, alligators, a deer laying in the bushes… Beautiful place! Then of course you have the boardwalk and tower by the “Sands” boat landing close as well. If not for the Sand gnats Beaufort would be perfect. Oh yea, first time in forever I’ve seen the Huge Bullfrog tadpoles! These suckers are 4-6 inches long.

Turtle eating some “salad”.


Rode past that I’ll make sure to walk it next time after eating at Dockside

Thanks for posting that tip

Very cool. Big Beaufort fan. Spent every summer of my childhood there with my grandparents. Will definitely have to check that place out as we always like finding new breweries to try.

The Brewery is right next to the Old Dock Side, that has reopened as “FIsh Camp”. You won’t be disapointed. The 1/2 mile walk around it didn’t seem like a 100yards. And the board walk is really nice and only a mile or so away. Pulled this off the web…