New to the area ( kinda )

Hi all - just moved back to Charleston after a brief freezing hiatus in NY.
I’ve been a bass & pike fisherman my entire life, and have just gotten into the saltwater side of fishing - how fun!
Anyhow, I’ve been picking the locals brains around here on how to fish it, where to go, etc.
I’m staying at Whitney Lakes, so I’ve fished my lake so far ( just a few small largemouth ) and have tried Shem Creek pier with a little luck - small grouper,flounder and red , and the same day went to Ft Moultrie, and fished the surf, another 12-14" red there ( was trying for something bigger )

Anyhow, I’m really up for fishing for anything, well except small panfish, doesn’t really do anything for me.

I don’t know any fishing partners here, so I’d love ideas or to tag along if anyone ever needs a partner.

I’m 35 - work from home so my hours are flexible.

Interested in Large Mouth bass, Catfish, and anything saltwater really!

I have a friend who is staying on Seabrook so I have a month pass for there, I’m probably going to go in there and fish the ponds at some point.

I have no boat - no kayak, so any tips on where to fish for anything fun ( from shore ) would be VERY appreciated!


Sometimes I get open spots on my boat and I’ll usually post on here when I do so keep an eye out and you can come out with me. We fish anywhere from 60-100’.

25’ Sport-Craft W/A
Suzuki 225

My buddy suggested the Fish Hatchery off of 6 - walking the canal for cats - anyone been there for this? Wish I had a boat to get into some of the large mouth here!!

I’ve fished the Hatchery alot, basically where the boat landing is at, there is a canal that runs left and right that leads out to the main lake. Never fished the canal though, just outside of it where it deepens into a little channel, thats where i mostly catch all mine. Lately the catfishing has been off, many people in the freshwater forum under Lake Moultie have been reporting bad news about fishing the lake. I’ve been skunked myself which is why I mainly do saltwater now. I’ve caught a few largemouth in the hatchery in July around the stump fields while bream fishing but not any size to them. I really don’t wanna recommend you any spots fishing on the bank because many people have boats and are always looking for a fishing buddy. Just keep your ears and eyes open for open spots on boats, especially in fresh water forums, always someone wantin some company at their fishing hole. Are you looking to keep fish or catch and release?

25’ Sport-Craft W/A
Suzuki 225

I would probably catch and release. And I’m up for saltwater and freshwater boat fishing, been years since I’ve been on the water, used to go out for steelhead and King salmon on Lake Ontario as a kid.

Well honestly the best catfishing spot that I’ve ever fished is behind the Goose Creek police department on highway 52. I used to fish there and they finally opened it up to the public because they made that area a park so fishing there is legal, just restricted to catch and release. I always threw out a bottom rig with an egg sinker so the line could freely slide through and instantly pull channel, blues, and flatheads on to the bank. Beats waiting for hours in a river, wasting fuel, and go home skunked.

25’ Sport-Craft W/A
Suzuki 225