New trailer PM

So how do you prolong the life of springs and hubs on a new trailer?

Wash the salt off after done washing the boat IMO.

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Always do that.

I’m talking about something like coating springs with grease or something like that. Out of the ordinary tasks.

Redid my trailer last
yr. Sprayed springs
an hubs with Flex Seal.
Haven’t had it in salt
but one time last yr.,
so not sure how it is working

But don’t think it could hurt.

When I was a kid 60 years ago people useto spray there trailers with coal oil (disel fuel) It worked well but the EPA would not agree!

It will rust no matter what, dunking in freshwater after each outing will extend replacement intervals.

I always rinse mine with fresh water then after they have dried, I spray the springs and brake calipers with WD-40.

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I spray my trailer with salt away. Salt away leaves a coating that makes the water bead and seems to last for a few washes. I also spray the trailer off every time I use it. The trailer is only a year old so not sure how well this stuff works. I agree with others it will rust regardless all you can do is try to prolong it’s life. If you do replace parts you can eliminate the springs by going with torsion axles.

x2 on salt away. It’s awesome on the boat and trailer.

X3 on Salt Away… and don’t forget to Salt Away your trucks wheels if they get submerged because it will eventually eat away at your brake connections… " got that T-shirt".

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Where can you buy
Salt Away?