New Years to Late January Report

Haven’t had time to post since moving back into college, but heres some pictures from some multiple trips I thought I might share:

All were caught using vudu shrimp or live shrimp on the bottom around docks at low tide. All were stacked up tight, 10+ fish per spot. All released except for three on one trip due to gut hooking, so redfish tacos were on the menu.

I dont know if it was just me, but all of my trouts spots in the wando this winter were dead. Couldnt even get a nibble. This was my best winter for redfish ever, so I guess theres a tradeoff lol.


Thanks for the report, and pics.

Keep 'em coming!!

Nice post! The different colors on Reds always amaze me. Love those bronzey ones.

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Allright! Thats a heck of a trip fellas! Nicely done