New Yellowfin 36 - First Trip

Last week we sold the Contender 31 & picked up a new Yellowfin 36 in the keys. Trailered it back down to the stomping grounds and planned to fish a couple days when we got back. So on Thursday 7/9 the Yellowfin aka “Pole Dancer” went on its first trip out of Charleston. Left the dock at 9 and hit a head sea of 3-5’s at 49 mph. Made quick work on live bait and headed to the fishing grounds. The screen was lit up with live bottom and fish everywhere. Rigged up 4 rods with 3 of them being foot long Butterfly jigs and one rod with a cigar minnow. Dropped down and everyone hooked up within 30 seconds. 2 Butterfly jigs came up with hooks missing and 1 came up with a nice wahoo. The cigar minnow came up with a big gag. Rigged back up on the Butterflies and dropped back down, all rods bent again. A yellow mouth grouper and Half of what was going to be a giant black fin. On my next drop down with a cigar minnow a nice fish hit it. Since my younger brother and his friend were with us fishing we handed the rods off. Yeah on this drop I regret it. Mutton snapper gets cranked up… My bucket list fish out of SC just got taken right out of my hands. What an awesome fish though. Just when we thought the fishing couldn’t get any better the AJ’s found us. Probably caught 25 of them. Dropped again and the big daddy AJ came to eat the Butterfly jig. After 30 or so minutes we put him on the deck (shark fishing purposes). The fish probably went 70-80 pounds. After that we dropped all live bait and caught some giant Silvers. Decided to rig up 2 rods with Butterfly jigs back on for our last drops of the day. Marked fish 20 feet down. Dropped under them and worked back up, both rods down. Wahoo skies out of the air and pops off and the other rod screams for a few seconds and then pops off. $80 worth of Jigs gone in 10 seconds. Lines in and headed for the dock. Blew passed a Contender on the way back in running 62 through the channel. To sum up it was an awesome day on the water, boat performed incredible, and never caught as many fish a

Living the dream. Awesome.

“You can have my gun when you pry my cold…forget that, you can’t have my gun!”

WOW, what a nice boat. Is the fish box door automatic? You all are to much.Enjoy.

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I’m sure the ‘Playher’ jewelry is flying of the shelf. I’m sure everything is for that matter. Nice boat though…

Haters gonna hate

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Nice fish…I’ll pass on the gear, though.

All I can think of when I see that gear is that Chad Kelly would approve, and that tattoo from The Millers. “No Ragrets”

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Dang, that boat is bad to the bone :sunglasses::sunglasses: Whatever you are doing for a living, you must do it well! Sweet! Fish aren’t bad either.

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I notice your middle engine has a square wheel - how does that work with the other two? Does it have to run higher RPM, or is it pitched a certain way? I don’t fish on any boats with trips, but do not think I have ever seen that.

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Sweet ride!!! I am sure your pop is happy with that one.

Yep he’s liking it. It’s a go fast fishing machine.

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Nice boat, good job on the fish!!

Beautiful boat and well done on the fish man!

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I want a gimmedat performance long sleeve shirt with a majestical white crappie wearing an Indian headdress jumping out of the water to get a june bug. Now that would be sweet! Nice fish, Awesome boat!!

That boat looks great at the Dock!

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Nice fish…

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Where can I getmedat gimmedat?


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