night hunting for coyotes / hogs

do any of you guys do coyote / hog hunting at night.I’m wanting to get into it but I don’t have any supplies like calls or spotlights , if anybody could give me some tips or pointers on what to get as far is calls and spotlights.and even any pointers on how to call and or bait for coyotes hogs. all help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

Can’t help you much but also try asking and doing a search of the scoutdoornews forum. I do know you have to be on private land. Goodness knows I wish you could bait and hunt at night on WMA land. Good luck.

thank you I appreciate it we’re on private land there’s a bunch of hogs and coyotes out thereI killed two coyotes out there and saw like 10 they’re definitely put a hurting on the deer population

I have a vrl-1 light, I would also recommend the kill light, both great quality. As far as baiting, corn is easy for the pigs, some people sour it, but its unnecessary. I patterned them on the trail cam then wiped out the breed in a short time, haven’t seen one in 3 years. As far as coyotes go, I use my fox pro. Hunting the wind is crucial. You could also hunt them over a hole filled with dead pigs.

Head over to Atlantic Game and Tackle. They have all the lights, mounts, calls (manual and electric) , and gear you need. We’ve been hitting them hard. It’s fun and addicting. Good Luck.

strip…strip…FISH ON!

Need to register with DNR, one time and free, for night hunting between Feb and July. Don’t know if it’s just so they don’t have to come out when the neighbors start complaining or what.

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read the dnr regulations very close as to lights and guns, a road kill deer will make good bait

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read the dnr regulations very close as to lights and guns, a road kill deer will make good bait

No doubt on DNR regs. Those also do not condone transporting road kill deer.

Smitty, when you get it down to a science pass it on to us all!