NOAA & Fake News--Fuzzy Math

WOW, who would have thought a government agency could misrepresent (or outright lie) about numbers?


Thanks for posting. Anyone who spends time offshore knows the data is broken but why would anyone listen to the people who spend time on the water. ARS are like mosquitos - you have to plan to avoid them. Only off by 30 to 40 percent? I don’t believe that either - more like 300%.

As always, follow the money. There is no grant or government funding money for abundance. The same thing has happened with grizzlies, sage grouse, lynx and prairie dogs in the West. Somehow when there is an effort to actually get a real estimate of the population the population is much higher than thought. What a surprise!

Want to bet on how accurate the estimates of shark population are today? Endangered, right? You betcha.

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Thanks, EF. Just more evidence of why we complain so much.

Started YEARS ago, the fisheries started with Reds, then Kings, then Sea Bass and sharks, now Flounder, Cobia Red Snapper, Grouper, you name it?

Probably WORST of all is the shark scare. Just put out a chum block, and you can’t keep them off your hook almost anywhere, yet NO keeping them almost entirely.

More control, but of course, the commercial fishermen do need to be protected, BUT it is the FOREIGN fishermen who are hurting their livelihood the most, not us??? Per usual, one party in particular FAVORS foreign trade above our interests so often, as EXPOSED by President Trump and his trade policies including tariffs to even the trade INCOME more to our side.

I know this is a month old post, I just saw it. An independent (of NOAA) study was done in the Gulf and the ARS population is 300% of what NOAA and SAFMC fed us.

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300% more


300% less


More, I’m surprised you haven’t seen the report.

NOAA was lying about the numbers, once again!

300% more adult fish than than NOAA said. They are doing some kind of “math” to drop the count by 300%

Why would they do that?

Imagine if government employees pay was a reflection of their accuracy. Wouldn’t that be somethin’?!

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'cause they can…