Anyone else get noaa/nmfs survey? How come I get the feeling this will be used against the recreational angler… Given the history of all the closures, anyone in the know have any input on whether to participate. Or am I being paranoid! Lol

Dear Angler,

We know recreational fishing is important to you. We would like your help in showing just how important recreational fishing is to coastal economies across the United States. NOAA Fisheries Service, the federal agency responsible for the conservation of our ocean resources, is conducting a survey about the economic importance of saltwater recreational fishing in the United States.

We are inviting anglers who went fishing for highly migratory species (HMS) during 2016 to participate. Your name was randomly drawn from a list of anglers who purchased a 2016 Atlantic HMS Angling Permit. This sample is used to represent all anglers who fish for HMS, so your help is critical. The survey asks about your most recent fishing trip for HMS and related expenses. Information on what anglers spend to go fishing helps us to understand the contribution that saltwater fishing makes to both local and national economies, and allows policy makers to make well informed decisions affecting fishing resources.

This short survey is completely voluntary, confidential, and easy to complete. Please complete it no later than May 31st. Click on the link below to get started:

For questions about the survey or if you have technical difficulties while completing the survey please contact

Thank you for your help and we look forward to receiving your responses.


Sabrina Lovell
Office of Science and Technology
National Marine Fisheries Service
Silver Spring, MD 20910
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They give you a 2 dollar bill…? Toss it in the trash.

I got something Monday from DNR that begins like this:

Dear Angler,

South Carolina DNR is conducting a survey on catch-and-release fishing. As a saltwater recreational angler, we are asking you to participate so that we can better understand recreational fishing in South Carolina. The survey will take 10-15 minutes and include questions concerning:

#61623; Your attitude towards catch and release fishing;
#61623; Where you get information about catch and release fishing;
#61623; The SCDNR Marine Gamefish Tagging Program

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I got the survey that satisfied is talking about and I was dumb enough to respond to it. I kept thinking they were going to get to the part about fishing but it seemed more focused on charter stuff .ike how much money was spent on food and tackle etc. I’m not doing any more “surveys”
Any information we give them will be used against us. For instance posting photos and/or information about catch and release of red snapper is considered a mortality catch by them and added to the total for the year. So just don’t talk about red snapper or anything I guess. KInda puts the damper on what this site is all about though.

I understand the skepticism. I don’t know about this particular survey, but economic surveys like this are used to determine the number of anglers in SC and how much they contribute to the economy. Which, in turn, is used to determine the proportion of available research dollars that go to SCDNR. If SC is underrepresented, that money just goes to other states.

I figure if they can figure out all of the other information such as ACL numbers, and other scientific / quantitative information, they could figure out the information in the survey that they are requesting. To he** with them and their surveys.

I agree, They are smart enough to build a model that says we exceeded our ACL even though we didn’t have a season, but they can’t figure out how much money we are spending on recreational fishing? Good Grief!!!

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