Nolichucky River--Eastern Tennessee


That’s not fishing in the lowcountry… but pretty cool.

I bet those Smallies put up quite a battle in that shallow current!

Thanks for the pics, and report.

Very cool. Did a little white water rafting with one of my sons when he was in scouts. Really enjoye dit.

Beautiful country.
Did y’all hear banjos??

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Caught some small mouth in Canada once.Went on a vacation with the neighbors in their brand new Winnebago.The locals were using night crawlers when I tied on a four inch Rebel minnow.You should have seen their faces when I started catching them.Some of the best tasting fish I’ve ever ate.

It was a slow morning until we closly inspected a couple of the first few we caught to see what they were feeding on and found molting juvenile crayfish,or baby crawdaddys.

Ripped up some dark artificial worms into pieces, made some ned rigs, and started catching fish.

Ended up catching 40 or 50 smallies and 2 good trout.