Non stainless circle hooks

Ok so dumb question here. I know the law regarding the snapper/grouper complex, bottom fishing with natural bait, has to be with “non stainless steel circle hooks.” My question is if you go on Google or anywhere and type in “non stainless circle hooks,” it really doesn’t list too many brands. What are the popular brands to bottom fish with? Is carbon steel considered “non stainless?” Just don’t want to get caught with my pants by my ankles…if you know what I mean… Thanks again.


Most hooks are non-stainless steel. Stainless hooks are brittle garbage anyway. If it doesn’t say “stainless steel”, you are probably good.

carbon steel is non-stainless

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Got it now thanks

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I called DNR Law Enforcement today. They told me it is stainless steel and does not outlaw other coated silver hooks.

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