North Hampton - Doggin solo after work

Hit the North Hampton hunt unit after work for 2 hours with my 2 dogs riding along - solo style. First drop was 1.5 miles deep into this block and my goal was to locate water so we traveled through a dry branch. Finally located a hole in the ground with water that had signs of heavy use. Dogs started trailing and about 50 yards from the water they jumped a buck! The one time I saw him at 35 yards I saw horns but never pitched across the brush and remained hidden. Another 200 yards or less the dogs jumped a doe and a yearling which ran around me in a circle about 30 yards away. Think I could have clunked it with a shovel LOL. Called the dogs off and headed back to the truck. Loaded up and stopped at a potential spot and they jumped another doe less than 100 yards in. Called them off but couldn’t find any more. Hunted for 2 hours with 2 dogs and saw 4 deer which were all jumped less than 35 yards from me. Word of advise from me, find your water and reap the reward