North Jetty & Buoys 5/23

Fished the North side of the North Jetty this AM-
-1-Lemon Shark-3’?
-9-Atlantic Sharpnose-2’-4’
-1-Mystery hookup-took 100yds and broke at leader when drag applied
All caught on Carolina rigs using frozen finger Mullet.

Tried pitching for Cobia at several of the channel buoys. No luck.
It was really too rough; had to hang on to avoid going in the drink.

Almost got swamped by the huge wake from a strange looking commercial
catamaran. Large vessel with RO-RO ramps and, I guess, propelled by water jets. The wake stirred up bottom silt in 50’ of water.

So-so day, had better and worse.

“Watch what we do, not what we say.” John Mitchell
Sea Hunt Triton 202
Yammy 150

Man, that is a banner day on my boat! Ha Ha

Good post Sternline…

I just bought a 21 ft center console and wanted to try to fish the jetties…have never been out there before. Any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Go out on a flat day during the slack tide…

18 Pioneer CC 115 Evinrude E-Tec

Semper Fi!

You should have no problems fishing the Jetties in a 21’ CC.
My boat is smaller than yours and I have fished from it in all sorts of conditions in the ship channel.
Yesterday, for example, the South jetty where we usually anchor was
very rough because of wind & tide; so we went to the lee side of the N.Jetty. There is almost always a protected area to fish ; unless you like fishing from Leaping Lena.
Best all 'round rig-Carolina w/mullet of one sort or another for bait.
Take a light rod if you wish to fish the rocks, I take 30pd rigs for fishing the channel- there are some big fish/rays etc. out there.
Anchoring an be a pain, have lost a couple of anchors to bottom conditions.
I have just touched the surface with this post.
There are lots and lots of posts on Jetty fishing; best way to find them is by using Google-the search engine here is, well, you know:smiley::dizzy_face:

“Watch what we do, not what we say.” John Mitchell
Sea Hunt Triton 202
Yammy 150