Nosy Basturds

If they keep cruising thru, gonna have a sore foot…what kind of dog is the big one with a collar or two??


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BB gun works wonders.
3 pumps the first time.
If he comes back it’s 6 pumps…

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LOL, 22 subsonic at 30 to 50 yards should be perfect then, in the azz…stand looks like it’s leaning, but it’s not.

Buddy told me it’s a camera lens thing…23 would know how to explain.

I got a box or 2 of 22 shorts laying around somewhere.
Probably over 40 years old.

I have some fresh ones.

Buy hey, anywhere to get 22 tracer rounds??


Keeping it real DoubleN, I would have some pics in hand and start visiting neighbors. I would not post any pic or talk public about them ever again. People will get stupid over a missing dog and what they think may have happened to it or who may have done something to one. If you decide to take removal action. If only one person knows a secret can be kept, and make sure there is no trace.

On the 22 tracers, check this sight out… Like a travelocity for ammo.

Piney Mountain .22LR Ammo rimfire | Best Piney Mountain .22LR Ammunition rimfire - 2022 30 bucks seems going price for 50rounds.

Fred, I would not harm them at all. Same as would want my dog treated, if I had one, for merely running thru someones property.

Thanks on the tracer info…


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Ten four on the dog harming issue. Hard to know someone through a keyboard with no facial expressions or body language. We learn each other little by little here.

It is totally understood about frustration over free roaming dogs, or those put out by inconsiderate hunters. I could use my fingers and toes and still come up with a couple more instances dogs have messed up a hunt. Including my own that I had shut up and my daughter let out, back when the wife sort of let me hunt at home.

Come to the Ladson gun show. The going deal last week at a NCShow was $13 for 22 lr good brands

When I was growing up we always had 3 dogs. 2 outside and 1 inside dog. They are intelligent animals and can learn. We never had a fence, our dogs never left the yard. They. Knew better

“KNEW BETTER” are not words describing today’s society, unfortunately???

Liberal school teaching has eliminated “you should know better” from today’s world???

Oh Boy…

Here we go…

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2 above…

Best Citizens Arrest GIFs | Gfycat

Gomer Pyle’s “Citizen’s Arrest!” of Barney Fife - The Andy Griffith Show - 1963 - YouTube

Andy Griffith Barney GIF - Andy Griffith Barney I Cant Even GIFs

Just think, you could have a badge, and a whistle too!

Not that they mean much?

In all seriousness, I hope you, and the Ladies, have a great Thanksgiving!