Not a report but need some help regulator at remle

Looking for some help
I was escaping from the storm today (tuesday the 9th) and ran back to remleys right before the wind and current picked up, became real nasty ended up helping out a gentleman and his father who were in a brand new 32 or 34 regulator, I backed down his white F250 fairly new (ones with silver strip on tailgate) and helped him get the boat on the trailer, I ended up leaving my brand new costas in his truck. I did not catch his name. I know he had a regulator sticker and one other sticker in the corner of his back glass of his f250, he was extremely thankful for the help we were the only two left at the ramp if anyone knows who he might be or has his name or information I would really appreciate it. I hate to lose a new pair of costas doing a good deed

He said he had gone offshore saturday and was test running the boat today to check something wrong with his fuel efficiency, to recap it was a new 32 or 34 regulator powered by twin 300 yamahas both looked new, and a newer white f250

Please PM me if you have any information



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I think the silver stripe is only on Platinum edition fords. He say where he lived (likely MTP, SI, or IOP)? Did he mention a marina he might keep it at or who did work on his boat since it’s having issues?

If not, might be best to call a few tackle shops in the area.

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Call the Regulator dealer. They can probably tell you who it is by description of the boat.

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There are not a ton of regulators in charleston, if it is a new boat I would feel sure the Regulator dealer on 17 could help you out

Call me 843-697-3483

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Man, that’s a bummer! Hope you get your Costas back!