Not Sure I Will Comply To This One,,,,

What if I don’t know what a Qcode is or have Facebook account?

Seems like an extreme overreach of perceived power.

It’s in NC, but coming to a state near you soon

From what I’m seeing, there will be no Recreational Flounder Season, in North Carolina, for 2024?

If it passes, and it looks like it will, no flounder this year

…legal flounder

To preserve the resource, recreational flounder season will not open in 2024

In order to preserve the southern flounder resource, the North Carolina recreational flounder season will not open for harvest in 2024. Estimates from 2023 indicate the recreational catch exceeded the quota allowed under a stock rebuilding plan that was included in Amendment 3 to the Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan and adopted by the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission.

Here’s how they arrived at their conclusion on closing the Flounder Season.

I wasn’t really behind all the BSB and ARS rules enacted over the past decade, but it would appear we have a plethora of each now.

Maybe leaving the flounder alone a few years will help

The compliance part I was talking about is reporting via the www everything I catch. It’s not that I don’t want to help out counting, but in reality I doubt I’ll go on their website the next day and fill out a form from memory.

Even if I did, how accurate would it be?

Lots of questions

Cool! Looks like, to me, the N.C. Legislature is catering to the Commercial Sector, and neglecting the Recreational Guys, all together?

I’m sure you can walk into any Sea Food Establishment, along the N. C. Coast, and order “Fresh Caught, Local, Flounder” today?

Why cant the Recreational Fisherman go catch a Flounder, and take it home to eat?

Yep! Lots of questions

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