Nowell Creek 6/5

A buddy and I fished all day sunday with pretty good luck. Left remleys around 6:00 am and stopped to catch some shrimp near a shallopw flat. We saw a ton of spotail (some tailing) feeding aggressivly in the shallows snd it was pretty exciting to see it all go down. It took some time to catch bait due to a faulty cast net but we caught enough shrimp to last us a few hours anyway.

Using a 4-ft sliding float rig and the first spot yeilded 3 slots in a matter of minutes.

As the day progressed we caught a few more 24-26’s" until the slack high tide hit. It was now 12 noon so waited for the tide to turn.

Time for round 2 -

All the shrimp were used up so we threw the ****ty cast net for some menhaden. the net panckaed on the cast but still caught about 30. We threw them directly in the live well and hit the next spot.

around 2pm the outgoing tide was kicking so we hit the bank to drift our fresh bait.

I have never used menhaded before but they worked amazing. Caught about 3 more 23"-26" with a few keepers mixed in to fill our limit.

Great day :slight_smile: