Numerous Overslot Redfish In The River! - Video Link

Hello Everyone, my name is Kevin and I am a new member to the group. I have been following these posts on this forum for a loooong time though. I can remember way back when to looking forward to posts from penfishn, when she would go crabbing with her dad and take awesome pics with great reports! Also, remember several great posts from the likes of fatrat, optiker, stonoman, etc. A big thanks to Kerry Browning for giving me a shout out on the forum a few weeks back as well. I am glad to finally be able to share some of my fishing experiences with you all. Once Covid came around back in March, I has a little more free time from my work and decided to dust off the boat and get back on the water. I’m so glad I did too!

Here’s my most recent video I posted from a couple of days ago out on the river. All the reds I caught were overslot and I was using a Trout Eye jighead (1/4 oz) with a Zman Minnowz (purple death). I fished the first two hours of the incoming tide, in 2-6 foot of water. Please feel free to send any advice or tips my way as I am by no means a professional at this and continue to want to learn as much as I can about our awesome Charleston fisheries!

Tight Lines, Kevin

Glad you posted Kevin, and sick video of numerous overshot reds! I know these guys will enjoy these videos.

Hope to catch up sometime soon. Your videos look like you are the professional teaching some of the rest of us how to fish. I watch them. Love that you are humbled. I am also. I really appreciate the ■■■■■■■■ I get here and have learned so much.

Great video! I saw it the day posted it!

Great job, catching and video. Throws a craving on me to get down there and give em go…
Keep posting.

What rod length, power are you throwing to do all that damage?

Good to have you on the forum. Been enjoying your videos, keep up the great work!

Killing it man!! Love your videos. You had me going on the house in the background…I was thinking that lucky son of a gun…oh…

Kerry, Thanks for the comment! Sorry, I have have been out of the loop for the past few weeks. Just recently got back on the water agin after all this bad weather. Hoping to get a new video up soon.


Haha, You that would be nice to own that house in the background! Glad you got a kick out of that quote. Hoping to have a new video up here in the next day or two!


Thank you very much. I enjoy making then and getting out on the water in general!


In this video, I was using a Med-light Shimano Teramar (7’). It really makes it a good fight on the lighter action rods instead of just horsing them in with the heavy duty rods.


I hope you were able to get down here to Charleston to do some fishing! The weather over the past few weeks has kept me from getting out there too.


Thanks for the great video.

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Great job.Heading out tomorrow.Going to fish Metal trades area.Throw top waters early and then Z man.Added a Garlic scent to pull the reds in.LOL


Good luck tomorrow,you seen any mullet jumping up in logbridge lately? I bet you knew that old gator hunter Chaplin who lived in the last house before you got out in the river. I haven’t been been over that way since he died.We would catch the spotails on mud minnows this time of year around metal trades.

Thanks so much for the video! Put 'em back quicker…:+1:

How bout that garlic stonoman?