Off shore 20 May

My Army buddy did not go I went solo. Rough ride out to Comanche , no luck bottom fishing. Went to 130 feet massive weeds, started to troll to area 12, 77 maps unique pulled lines in speeded to area 12.
Barracuda stole 3 baits before I caught him , he liked my homemade lures with feathers, picked up 2 nice Maui on purple/ black island lure and a pink sea bug. Tough to be Captain & Crew and still get one in the boat.
I noticed out there that the GPS time jumped ahead by one hour, coming back in switched to Charleston time. Long day.

Trip back was 20+ knots, still a long ride.

Mighty tough trek going solo!

Post on the matchup here and you will get a full crew.

26 Seahunt
Angler’s Dream

Yea, tough solo for sure.

Thanks again, I will post here for a crew, I live in Hollywood, but I just as well can put in anyplace with assistance.

My boat works well with 3 or 4 people, all I ask is a fair amount of compensation $$. Gas, bait, ice. Yesterday cost me, $125, gas $ 15-20, ice, 25-30 in bait. I have all rods & reels,

I am very cautious, with respect to the sea,weather, and changing conditions.
I have Sea Tow and an emergency beacon on board.

See everyone soon

What size and make of boat

Tall Sail Marine

I think there are a few people on this site that live out your way. I’m right there off of Parishville Rd.

These are some of my homemade lures that the Barracuda hit on before I finally hooked him. I think a Maui went after one but I didn’t get to set the hook.

I have standard set of lures too, Sea Witch, Islander etc.

That must’ve been a great feeling when you got a fish on one of your own lures congrats!

Thanks, I was pretty excited. Just YouTube and some empty pill bottles, pretty cheap lures.

That’s awesome man! If you ever need anyone just pm me, I have plenty of experience, gear, and boat! I live in Adams Run. The wife is getting ready to open a bait and tackle shop by the railroad tracks on Highway 165 Ravenel. I also have an auction house in that same building. I’m also available on weekdays.