Offshore Fishing Charters

Hi Everyone,

First off, I am new to this forum and have a question for the “locals” or anyone that is familiar with the Charleston area.

I am planning a deep sea fishing trip for a group of 8 but have yet to find a charter boat that is capable of fishing 8 people.

If anybody has a good reference for a charter that can fish 8 people I would greatly appreciate it. We are looking to go around the end of April or beginning of May.


Capt. Mark Brown on Teaser 2 is the only boat I know of the area that can take more than 6. Most every charter boat is a 6 pack which is limited to 6 paying customers.

Mark Brown- Teaser II

What fish are in season around the end of April first of May?

May 1, Groupers, dolphin, Black seabass, vermillion snapper, Porgies.

You could charter two boats, four each. Other than that you will need one of the big boys to handle that many fishermen.

Olde Man Charters

Unless your are planing on bottom fishing I don’t think yo’all will be happy with 8 on the boat!! Get 2 boats!!

I did a bachelor party trip with mark brown. Asked to do half trolling half bottom fishing, and he obliged despite being the worst time of year for trolling (dead heat of late summer) we had about 15 people on the boat I think and had a blast. we didn’t do too well on the troll, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. After a few hours of dinks, ajs, cudas, and whatnot we switched over to bottom and put an absolute hurt on every living creature in the sea. Slayed em until we couldn’t reel anymore.