Offshore fishing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Planning trip to Tamarindo, CR in April of 2024. Searched Google and TripAdvisor to check out a few companies, but anybody have personal experience with well -run charters out of that area?
Thanks in advance!

Welcome new member!! Glad you found us!

Take lots of notes, we are looking at a trip the CR sometime next year. Been on my bucket list for quite some time.

Glad to see you back. Stick around, things are getting better.

Ummm, thank you??? :thinking:

Thanks Doug…I’d be glad to share any firsthand intel. Tell K and the boys I said hey! Are they all married up yet (the boys that is, not K…I know she already married down)? Been a while buddy…

Try to book your trip later in April, to, hopefully, avoid the Papagayo Wind.

Some friends had their trip to Costa Rica ruined by the strong winds.

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Gamefisher 2 is owned by an American, highly experienced crew. Check their website and then find out where they are located now. They move around.

We did an 4 hour inshore. Caught a variety of fish including a 50+ lb Cubera Snapper.

Dates are already booked buddy…have to work around that! But I preesh the head’s up.

Good intel, thank you, will check them out.

We stayed at the Westin Resort. Booked it through AAA. Stayed in the adults only section. It was a fun trip and reasonably priced.

Good pool, plenty of restaurant choices, good rooms. If you like golf, they have a course. Did 4 day trips: fishing, diving, went inland on a canned tour then went south to a local town. Goofed off the other 2 days.

There seems to be a few folks here that have knowledge of CR which is great. Can’t wait to hear how your trip goes even though it’s a few months away. There seems to be a lot to see/do so any input from folks will be good.