With offshore season peaking in a few weeks, I thought I would let you guys know what I had the most luck with last year. I heard about a company called Ballyhood out of California that sells offshore lures. My buddy and I gave them a try and did really well at the ledge using his lures. In fact, we tried big names lures on one side and Ballyhood lures on the other side and only got hits on the Ballyhood Lures. This isnt a sales pitch, I live in Moncks Corner and just started offshore fishing two years ago. I just thought I would share what we think is a top notch lure. He sells a Dorado pack for around $70 for 6 lures. I promise you, you wont find a better lure on the market for that price. His shipping is free as well. You can see his Dorado lure in the Mahi’s mouth in the attached picture. Check him out at

sweet, you should send them a pic.

Looks like a great deal on lures, but I’ll be (**()ed if that isnt the ugliest and most annoying website I have seen in a while.

The site works though. I promise you the lures are better than any I have used. Just thought I would save some money for some people. The Dorado packs are awesome. I still have the same ones from last season and they are still in perfect shape.

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