Offshore Office Miami Snook April 2018 Video

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Headed down to South Florida for Spring Break 2018 with the family and Ashley Carmona, my niece from Texas. We started out in Homestead, Florida in Biscayne National Park with our friends, Edrey and family. We split up on two boats and headed out. The daymaker was a snook that was caught while sight fishing. We were fishing in 1-2ft of water when I spotted a snook. I presented a live bait to the fish and then a barracuda tried to intercept it. I was able to jerk it out of the barracuda’s mouth just in time and casted it back to the snook and left the reel in free spool. The snook took the bait and headed towards the mangroves when I went tight and hooked up. We filmed the split shot view with a Gdome GoPro Housing #8594;

17ft Ankona
30HP Tohatsu
28ft Scout
Twin Yamaha 250s