Going out this Friday and Saturday. Is the bite on for Mahi anywhere particular. North or South-Georgetown or Edisto??

North. Way north like Outerbanks

Yes that’s what I thought. Bite is slow around Charleston lately figured everything moved north.

We fished the SW Banks area from 300 to 600 ft on Saturday. Sea choppy. Plently of scattered grass but only a few knockdowns. Came home with only one tuna.
Going out again in the morning with the lesser halves of the Bridesmaids party while the girls are doing their thing. I would appreciate any helpful info to show the mostly 1st timers a good time. I have plenty of thirst quenchers :<)… any suggestion between Edisto to Georgetown Hole?

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start shallower…like on the ledge. Had some luck there recently.

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We fished the SW Banks area from 300 to 600 ft on Saturday. any suggestion between Edisto to Georgetown Hole?

Good luck. I’ll be wandering around out there with you Saturday- love to hear your Friday report!

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Looking forward to these reports.

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suggest head for SW banks to start and zig zag your way to the hole looking for temp breaks and of course weeds . getting a Roffer’s report might help . Good luck

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Fished offshore of the Edisto Banks Wednesday. Good temperature breaks and weeds trying to make up out to 1,700 feet. Very little in the way of fish. Pulled the plug at 11:00am to go bottom fishing. Roffs report was spot on for pointing us to pretty water with good breaks but they can’t guarantee fish. Every new day is a different day. Good Luck!

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Fished off Edisto. No weeds or temp break at ledge. Found a temp break 300 ft. Still no weeds. Pushed out to 226 and found lot of weeds in scattered lines running several miles long. Hooked up a triple for the days catch. Constant battle to keep lines free of weeds. Tuna tower would have been a great help in following the disorganized weed lines.

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