Fished Friday and Saturday weather was hot and seas were awesome! My son had a friend tag along that has never been offshore he’s hooked now! The crew was wore out on day two and we missed a few fish that day.
6 kings well 5 tax man got the big one! 31 triggers, 18 red snapper, 8 AJS, 5 cobia, 2 gags, 6 cudas , 4 ring tails , 1 mahi and 6 BSB.

Jlayne, some great memories made there! Nice mess of a mixed bag. Those kids will never forget it, and you had the opportunity to introduce a young man to the salt. Thats what it is all about! Congrats! Thank you for posting!

Working hard to play harder!!!

Nice two days of fishing. I don’t expect to get your location, but what depth were you fishing. We went to the gardens,Y-73 and Comanche Sat. and couldn’t get anything but Barracuda,AJ’S and spadefish. Lightlined menhaden and cigar minnows on top and pulled menhaden and seawitches with ballyhoo on downriggers 55 ft down. Once again nice job on your two days of fishing.

Wayne Miller

That looked like a fun trip and got a young man or two hooked on something besides dope or “vidya games” Congrats capt and thanks for sharing with us!

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