Oh Boy, I'm Ready

It’s a little gloomy out, but here goes…

Deep hole?
You going to turn them into trout?.

Found a few that were hungry on the outgoing. Water 60-61 and clear to 3plus ft. Bottom and bobber worked well on current breaks near some rocks.

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Good deal. My oldest did pretty well yesterday fishing with live shrimp. I gotta believe those shrimp will be harder to get before too long.

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What kind of net are you using to catch those shrimp? Thanks for sharing, my in-laws have been doing very well In the Beaufort area using mud minnows.

Just a 7ft taped Fitec. I wont throw a bigger net anymore these days, too much like work.

They don’t ever really leave… they just move.

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Nice report StumpNocker. Fished Thursday but didn’t report but will do so this evening. Lots going on with Family