Oh yes they do!

I seen this the other day and took a picture of it. Picture didn’t come worth the crap.

Mentioned it to the wife.
And then this come up on my phone. The next day.

I was in Napa the other day. I asked about this. Bought it.
Never googled it. Then this afternoon I get an advertisement.

Same thing with turtles. I’m getting videos about turtles and how to trap them. :ear: :ear:

Our phones are eavesdropping.

That’s a 100% fact. I think a lot is from apps that we accept that gain access to our mic, camera, pics, and contacts. I’ve also heard on the Apple phones some apps are looking at facial expressions on what we like and don’t like as we browse things. Might need to go back to a flip phone, but then what would I do about all the contacts and information I use daily? Catch 22 getting reliant on modern technology.

Yep, the more we rely on technology, the less privacy we have and the more complicated our lives get. I miss the days when I could get in my car, drive and not be bothered by anyone. When I finally retire, the first thing that gets turned in is my cellphone.