Oil coming out the prop

:question::question:Ok so I think I have a game plan for my problem but thought why not get some extra heads on this problem. Ran the boat Saturday for the first time since I put it up the day after the MAD event. Ran fine on the hose with one exception no water from the telltell or the upper exhaust port. So I shut it down and found no clog. Cranked it again plenty of water exiting from the prop exhaust and engine was not overheating at all. So came home from church and noticed a small trail of oil on the skeg. Then I see a lot of oil built up on the underside of the prop and out the front of the hub. So I am going to replace the water pump. Engine is a 2 stroke 130 Johnson so my hope is that this oil is just build up from the upper exhaust draining down. Any thoughts will be appreciated.:question::question:

The oil doesn’t bother me to much it being a 2 stroke but your lack of water does. Don’t rule out a clog way up the pee tube. Had a Dobber build its nest right where the tube joined the Nipple out the block and actually had the nipple clogged as well.

Double check your foot oil just to make certain it is not gear oil you are seeing If it’s been a bit water pump replacement is cheap insurance do the complete housing not just impeller. Not much more money in parts and the housing will get grooves worn in it.

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Tiger^^^^^^^ what fred said!!! I would remove prop and wipe prop shaft and housing real clean, leave motor lowered and look closely to be sure there is no oil weeping from around seal… When you drop lower unit to change pump , inspect exhaust connection there also,exhaust oil draining from engine will be present there also…Thanks for taking part in MAD last year;hope to see you again this year also!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:</font id=“red”>

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I ran a coat hanger all the way back to the block and no clog in that line I am pretty certain. From the feel and smell I am almost positive its 2 cycle oil but will check the shaft seal for sure. I will be participating in MAD this year, you can count on it Unless I have to buy a new engine LOL. That was such a high class event.

looks like unburnt fuel and oil mixed with exhaust residue.
happens a lot on carbed motors when something isn’t right with one of the carbs. (stuck float, bad plug, etc)
if water is coming out of prop, it is making it to the block.
use a compressor and blow air in th epee tube.