OK it's getting better! Redfish & Flounder

Been getting the hang of watching these fish “tail” and making the clear distinction between them moving, mullet moving in schools, and bait pushing water. It’s pretty easy to tell what’s what once you have a first hand look at them all.

So far the bait of choice continues to be the soft plastic GULP! jerk shad in electric chicken. I am convinced it’s due to the color showing up in the dingy water as there is a TON of color in the water. White, green pumpkin, and baitfish/smelt (silver) are not getting bit but the EC is getting hammered on. Flounder love it too. Here’s a couple from yesterday off of the community dock down here at Moss Creek in HHI.

Sure do appreciate the help. Looking forward to getting this storm past us so I can get back out in my boat and search some more.

Any tips on types of water that trout prefer? To me, it seems that they are more sight oriented than scent so that would imply clearer water. Any truth to that? How about water temps? Anybody keep track of optimal water temps for the bite? Thanks again for all of the help guys. Happy to share any bass info if anyone has any questions as I have a very solid handle on bass fishing in a variety of situations and am happy to share what I’ve learned over the years.

Thanks again! :smiley:

Chuck D - Hilton Head, SC
Ranger z21 Intracoastal