Old farts,, oops title needs 10 characters

My parts pimp shop is a block away from our office. I go by there quite a bit and turn a wrench once in a while for trade on some parts. Or just hang out and bs. Seen old boy around the shop a couple times. The other day was in there and Dickie was trying to adjust his carburetor. He has an eagle globe and anchor on the side of a scooter. I asked him when were you in the suck?
He says from 85 to 88. Then he just stares at me. Then he says you don’t know? And he keeps on. Getting up in my face. Thought we was going to roll in the parking lot for a few minutes. Then he smiles real big at me and says dam n man it’s me Scotty. Said he didn’t really recognize me until I seen the tattoo on my hand. He and I rode together for a while. I talked him into going into the Marine corps.
We stayed in touch. Then when he got out it was like we never missed a beat. Couple years later he has a baby. Got custody of the kid.Single dad doing the right thing. I still was running the roads like I was half crazy. He and I drifted apart. Both of us have x-ray scheduled at the VA Monday. Going to meet up and go do lunch. Back in the day we got into a lot of $#!t . Now a Couple old farts riding geese guides. Hell we might even go out and party together and stay out till 9:00.


That’s a hell of a life story OTC. Glad you two met back up. You story reminds me of a lot of past friends I’d love to reconnect with. Then others not so much. Dammm it man, life is good. Let’s just hope we Die with dignity.

My old lady was always thrilled when I got together with one of the fellas from the past.

9:00, meh. I stayed up until 10:30 last night.

Cool story though.

At 80, I stayed up until 2:00 this morning(not in pain either), of course I am no longer working like you guys, so I sleep until 10 or 11 AM on the average too.

I have a weird sleep schedule. Don’t sleep well anymore. I go to bed 11:00. Usually fall asleep pretty quick. Then I wake up in about an hour. Go visit refrigerator. Watch the Twilight zone.
Then Alfred Hitchcock comes on. Usually fall back asleep during Alfred Hitchcock.
Then I usually wake up again around 3:30. Visit the refrigerator again maybe multiple times. Watch a little bit of Canon or Barnaby Jones. Then I usually get up around 6:00 to 7:00.
On the weekends I usually watch Lost in space and voyage to the bottom of the Sea


Hardly a sleep schedule at all???

Mannnn, you are one tough dude, BUTTTT, payback is a blank, look out later???

I usually go to sleep at 10:30. P like crazy at 5 :30 Then wake up at 7

I go to sleep but my bladder keeps waking me up.

Very lucky only peeing once, for me it is every hour first 2 hours, then every 2 hrs. Caffeine from too much iced tea during my prime years Doc said, never drank much coffee. Also drank a good bit of OJ and ate oranges regularly, citrus acid hurts too. One glass of tea or beer and 4-6 trips, but I found very little relief from meds, so don’t take meds, except a couple days a week due to side effects.

Yes but my 5:30 event is before I wake up !!!

LOL… you can tell this conversation is with a group of older dudes! I too have many issues sleeping a full night. Bumps in the night waking me, dogs barking, gotta pee, Dreams that seem real and bring me out of a deep sleep unable to go back… Seldom get a straight 4 hours. Got sleep apnea and the VA is looking to put some sort of Electrical implant device that I can turn on at night. ?? Once I’m asleep I rip the Cpap mask off.

Melatonin has helped a little.

Fred, Reach out to Dana, I understand she has had a lot of success. https://www.sleepbettersc.com/dana-blalock-dds/

Used to have to read a book some to fall asleep. Anymore, when my head hits the pillow, I’m out, APAP machine helps with severe apnea. Body was waking up 30 times an hour according to a sleep study. Get between 3 - 4 hours sleep at a time due to having to get up in the middle of the night to help wife get to and from bathroom. She’s confined to a wheelchair due to spinal cord disease. Our two dogs nearby make waking up a good morning. If I over sleep my female Border Collie will give me a face wash. Then I run to the bathroom with her circling me and stopping in front of me in my urgency to pee…

Aging is not fun

You are a good person

God bless you

I’m only 64 years young w/ arthritis. Cortisone shots to the knees last week must be kicking in. Like to get one for my neck. Guess those “Golden Years” they talk about must be a reference to the recommended color of healthy urine?!

I did a sleep study about a year ago. Totally worthless. I slept less than 15 minutes. The biggest thing was the pillow really really sucked. And the bed wasn’t much better. Tec said I should talk to the doctor about doing a home sleep study.

Home sleep study is what I did.

Thanks for that info! :+1:

Dang it bo. Like Bay said, you are a good man. Terrible to hear that about your Wife.