OLD Memories

Lake Russel 1988


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I remember the early days, on Russell.

Fun times!

Bear looks like a brute! Where did you harvest it?

Pretty cool stuff Bob…
Never kill the bear before.
That was pretty impressive.

Young StumpNocker


What year was that stump?

You was a little lady killer back then.What happened?

Thanks but I guess I grew outta that mess haha! Thats probably 90 or 91 if I had to guess

The reason I asked what year is because I remember spotail weren’t that easy to find back then.


First off, thanks for the spot tail termanology. !! I remember catching a couple in Beaufort with a friend and him calling them “red” fish. I’m like … no… those are spot tail.

Sman, spot tail were not targeted too often “back then” in my circle. Those rascals were there, but not as plentiful as the trout.

Looking back, it’s like the spot tail took the place of “rock” fish in the ACE basin.


Dang Fred ,that looks like a long time ago with that old timer and all them trout. I had a rod and reel just like that,solid fiberglass,you couldn’t break it.That’s probably the oldest picture yet,I’ll go over to mama’s and see if I can find some really old ones.

Keep it up Bob!

Best thread on here!

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Since you posted in fresh water, I’ll have to dig up a few pics to contribute.

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Y’all gave the big cat hell…


Nice work Bob!

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I think in the late 50’s. An uncle near Bennet’s point/ Edisto. When I was little you heard a lot on trout, but not much on Spot tail.

Y’all sure as he!! ain’t going hungry…

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Dang Mr. Bob…

I had thought about fishing Santee this Spring, but now I’m not sure there are any fish left… :laughing:

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Here is the kind of replies that keep people from posting anything here.


I’ve seen bob actually post a pic or two of a fish… but I have to ask myself if that is his catch?

Here’s my contribution…