Old school wooden bobbers

Yes this is serious. I was thinking back to when I was a kid and my friends dad started teaching about Trout fishing. He used some slide bobbers (maybe bamboo) and a small red plastic adjustable stopper. Was so much easier adjusting fishing depths. Don’t get me wrong I love a popping cork but just a little nostalgic. I was wondering if anyone knows a place to get some of these.:question:

Haddrell’s has them. I saw them in there the other day. I magine other shops have them too. They come with the tiny bead and the yellow pre-tied float stopper string. I think they are made of balsa wood. I still use them all the time.

Jack Taylor

They will work. Granddaddy and Great Granddaddy used them.

Thanks for the info I may need to trek down to Mt. Plastic this weekend.

An Amazon version of a slip bobber:


And an Amazon version of the bobber stop knot.


Haddrell’s should have those, but they are too big for the outdoor stores in Augusta to carry. The slip bobbers they have here are small enough that they sink under the weight of the lead.

If you want the option to fish a slip bobber deep or shallow, use a short leader and place the stop knot on the braid above the connecting knot – you can then adjust the bobber as shallow as the length of the leader (butt it to the connecting knot) or as deep as you want. If you have a long leader with the knot above the braid/leader knot, then the shallowest the bobber will hang is the length of the leader.