Old stuff - Free if you want it

I`m getting rid of some items I haven’t used in many years and don’t plan to ever use again. Let me know if you want it

SCUBA gear: 2 aluminum tanks, these are old tanks last hydroed in ‘87 & 90’, you might be able to get them hydroed but maybe not. Might not be good for anything but scrap value. I also have 3 old regulators, two only have 1st stage and second stage, other one is and old Scubapro Mark VI. all have some slight surface corrosion, I wouldn’t use any of them without having them completely overhauled. I not looking to make any money on this stuff, altogether it might only be worth $20 - 30 for the scrap aluminum value.

Waterskiing gear: 2 skis, not a matched pair, one is a decent Slalom ski, the other is a decent ski but mostly just there for a drop ski. I also have a rope and a couple of ski vests. I’m not going to use these just let me know.

Sent you a PM on the ski stuff.

I would like to get the scuba stuff from you if its still available. Ill send you a pm

Pocosabo, I didn’t get your PM, and I tried to send you a PM doesn’t look like it went through.

Tried again