Old Town Predator

Hey guys, as i mentioned I’m headed to Hilton head to do some fishing an was going to rent a kayak but a friend if mine has a 13’9 old town Sit in he said I can take, my question is, am i better of renting A foot driven or go ahead and take his sit in? I’ve never kayaked but don’t think i should have an issue, I appreciate your time!


How about rent a sit-on-top down there? They are easier to fish out of, and easier to re-enter if you fall out. More comfortable too…

Haha ya, I plan To take it out while I’m up here a few times this week, i guess. Is there many places I could yak to and than fish from shore? I’m trying tonsave some loot! It’s like 120$ to rent a yak and Incan buy this one for 250$…sooooo!

Fish On!

Oh he said it’s the predator fishin model to so I dunno of it’s wider or what he said as long as I don’t stand I’ll stay dry!

Fish On!

Hey FishOn…Thanks for sending me that pic of the Old Town Predator…it was not the one that I found earlier, but I think it is decent “starter yak”…and hopefully at a very low price!!

Most kayak fishermen/ladies fish from SOT (Sit On Top) yaks that have more room for gear, more legroom, scupper holes for drainage, and are easier to rig for fishing…AND…are easier to re-enter in case you decide to join the “Upside Down Club” (most of us have!!) [:I]

The price is right (Free!!) and it would be OK for protected/sheltered water like the creeks or marshes…JYJ

Fishon, The Predator is more canoe than kayak, isn’t it? It might do for your trip since it’s free but if you want to buy one, I think you could do better looking for a used SOT kayak on Craigslist. I’ve recenlty gotten some great deals on kayaks that serve well for fishing and were only $300.

The canoe will work but will probably be much more susceptible to winds and if tipped will be much harder to deal with.

Nah it’s a straight sit in kayak, ya Im hoppin yakjax runs across a nice sot…

Fish On!