Oldest Museum In The US

Is located in Charleston

Has anyone been? Recommended?


Been plenty of times, the whale skeleton hanging in there was captured in 1880, by my great ,great grandfather, Capt. Robert Magwood. The story goes, a northern right whale appeared in Chas harbor on a January day, and Capt. Magwood had a small fleet of 5-6 tugboats. They along with a fleet of rowboats, pursued the whale around the harbor, until they eventually killed it, drug ashore, and charged $.25 to see it. A short time later, Gabriel Manigault purchased the carcass, reassembled the whales skeleton, and mounted it for exhibition .Its been on display ever since.

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Great story

We’ve been a few times. You learn something new everytime you go there. Katie’s family owned a printing press in downtown charleston for a long long time and printed money for the confederacy along with a bunch of other literature. If you look at the fine print on several documents in the museum, you’ll see the name “Walker Evans and Cogswell.” She’s tied to the Cogswells.

We have the old wood rocking chair from the printing press in our family room today. Its neat having that family tie.

Bolbie, that’s an incredible story that I’ve never heard. Thank you for sharing that.

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So youns are binyas?

10 generations

Thats awesome, I too can touch the head or headstone of direct kin going back to the early 1700s

But down there Im still from Ohio as far as that stuff goes

We’ll allow SC, NC, GA, and TN. Anyone else might as well be from Ohio…

The thing that really ticks you off is when people say, “yeah I’m local; I’ve been here ten years!”

Yessah, like that dude from here used to say many moons ago….

I’m so Lowcountry ,I got Spanish moss growing on my balls.

Or something to that effect.

DaMoons was his name, I see what you did there :wink:

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Cool story Ricky.

Ole Pat is a binyuh and he’s my boy

My wife is 5th gen, so our kids get the distinction. I drop her name when I need some cred

I was born in Cali and came to JI at age 2 when my dad got stationed at the air base here. I don’t claim local status, but I’ve been looking up at that whale skeleton since I can remember.

“Charleston: We Full”

da moons