On The Clock 7-17-13

Really wanted to go fishing but had to work today…that involved collecting critters for the aquarium! The plan was to run out to the Candy Store and bottom fish for tattler bass and groupers in 200’ but plans change. 7 miles form the jetties we ran into an awesome weedline and color change in 40’ so of course we had to stop and net up a bunch of sargassum to see what was in it. First dip yielded a seahorse!!! Awesome! So of course we spent an hour or so catching all kinds of cool critters out of the weeds. Now y’all may not get excited about 1" long jacks and filefish and bermuda chubs etc but you may be interested to know that freejumping next to the weedline in 40’ of water was a SAILFISH! So what I am saying is if you are heading out tomorrow in a small boat, sleep late, wait for the sun to come up and look for that color break on the outgoing tide around channel markers 7 and 8 and troll livies along it! There is a ton of life on it. Good luck! BTW we carried on to complete our mission and caught up a bunch of tattlers, scamp, a scorpionfish and a gang of other stuff on a beautiful ocean.

26’ Glacier Bay

Thanks for the great information. Unfortunately my job says fish on the weekends and mother nature says hell no. I bought a brand new 19 ft boat late last summer . I dream as of spadefish, legal size bsb, cobia and others. I have been watching weather hoping to go and putting my wife and son on a catching spree. Every vacation week and day off same old story. Will we have flat seas that last? I am beginning to wonder. Inshore and jetties till that day I guess.

Nice! It was a beautiful ocean and always easy to get distracted out there cause so many options of cool stuff- today had LOTS of cool stuff

Man! I went out yesterday and must have missed it somehow – I saw a few floating patches of grass but no line to speak of. Thanks for the info!