One and done!

Went to our honey hole with everything on our side…well unfortunately that spot turned into the saltwater rodeo. Everyone was around there fishing. High pressure makes it difficult. She had probably a 28-30 incher red hit the cut bait and let it go. It wasn’t 5 minutes and another red did the same thing. It wasn’t until the tide turned when she put one on the deck and then we headed back before the wind picked back up. We got to see a triple stacked rainbow underneath a single rainbow when the rain subsided. After getting loaded up we hit some ponds again to regain her 1st place overall and 1st place largest bass in her high school fishing club!


That’s my favorite place to spend the day in Charleston, it has gotten pretty popular over the last 5+ years but still a great spot to escape the summer crowds, if you have a small enough boat to get in. Great fishing to boot.

Still looks like a great day spent.

Well done just the same, at least yall got on the water!