Only Commercial Can Fish???

CCA Calls for Denial of Longline Permits
Proposal would allow longliners into conservation zones under guise of research

Conservationists are sounding the alarm over a proposal to issue Exempted Fishing Permits (EFP) that would crack open the door for the commercial longline industry to fish in conservation zones created in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.

While there are undoubtedly legitimate uses for EFPs, in this case they are a thinly veiled excuse to introduce longlining, under the guise of a bycatch studies or other research, back into areas that were justifiably closed to such gear, said Chester Brewer, chairman of the CCA National Government Relations Committee. The ocean is a big place, and any research or gear modifications can be studied in areas where longliners are already allowed to set their gear. There is certainly no justification for allowing them into conservation zones. Proposals like this should be rejected outright.

 The conservation zones were originally created to eliminate bycatch and mortality of sailfish, marlins and undersized swordfish and yet the current EFP proposal would authorize the commercial take of tunas, swordfish billfishes and sharks for scientific data collection and public display.  The National Marine Fisheries Service states the EFPs could be used to allow commercial pelagic longline vessels into conservation zones off the east coast of Florida and the Charleston Bump to investigate bycatch hotspots. Adding insult to injury, the announcement from NMFS states that some EFP applicants are likely to request some form of compensation fishing to offset the expenses for vessel owners participating in the research efforts.

 Not only do they want to be allowed to fish commercially in conservation zones, the vessels participating in these research efforts would also be exempt from regulations  including seasons  and be allowed to keep and sell whatever they catch, said Brewer. Its outrageous. If the goal is to find the best way

If it was up to the CCA we would only eat imported fish…Where the hell was the CCA when the feds shut down the most viable fishery on the east coast… Black Sea Bass??? Until PEW money is gone from the CCA, I will never support or trust them.


NMFS = No More Fishing Season

“Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him”

CCA is a joke. I don’t think it would much matter where the longliners fish at this year. They have been havin bigger trips and seeing bigger fish than they have in decades. As far as appreciably goes, I would say that billfish catches have been way up too. Seems like they are just looking to make false allegations against a healthy fishery to me.

Couldn’t agree more sells …PEW,agenda,CCA,ecohippietreehuggers make me sick if 1/2 of the people who ride around with a cca sticker on there truck only knew how cool they really were!

2660 Sailfish
150 Yamahas

CCA got the gill nets out of Florida which led to getting them out here. No joke! I’m sure in some areas they have gone a little overboard or attracted $ from some PETA types, but need they have done a lot of good and need to give some respect where it’s due.

I guess since fish stocks look good inshore we should allow gill netting again too!? We must learn from our mistakes in the past