Opening day, North Bulls Bay

Saw a small window in the weather, convinced the wife along with the three year old grandson to go. Got to Buck Hall and was surprised to see the front lot full. Couple guys loading their boat just said they did terrible. A little rain on the way to the bay, winds were about 10 mph. Got near our spot and a couple guys were pulling poles, they had 40 shrimp in 4 runs. At this point most sane people would have called it quits, but it’s a long drive back so decided to try our luck. Poles in and baited at dead low, started casting. First run 8 shrimp, tide started to move and the numbers picked up. One of the grandson casts with a 4 foot had 8 shrimp we ended up covering the bottom of the cooler in four runs then the wind kicked up, whitecaps pulling the poles and a wet ride in. The guy loading next to me had 15 shrimp that he was going to fight the wife for when he got home. Of the rest none did any better than we did. Seems for the last 4 or 5 years they have been starting the season a bit early. Hopefully it picks up, waiting to hear if anyone tried the harbor.

Thanks for posting. It is all helpful.

Ty for the report. It’s all about the hunt and livin in south kackalacky.

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I have had some great days in Bulls Bay and some not so great days. It can be a pretty unforgiving place when the wind is up. Good on your for giving it a go.

Thanks for the report! Hopefully there will be more of them this year. Also hoping the shrimp turn on in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for the report Otter. I have never had any luck in Bulls Bays (most ever was less than 1/2 cooler). Hopefully the Beaufort area will produce this year - that’s where I’ll be.

South Bulls Bay yesterday, set up at dead low ran the poles three times because I like punishment.
Not one shrimp in areas that I’ve done good previous years. Pulled poles and did a little deep holing.
Got a few but quit early to get the grandkid home, it’s a school night.

Hi otter! Hope you’re doing well my friend.

Can’t complain, it just sounds like whining.

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