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I’m looking at repowering my 25’ kencraft. It has twin 200’s. Looking at etecs. Please give first hand knowledge. Thanks

Try this site

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All you are going to get around here is the opinion to put on Yamaha’s.

Make sure there is an Etec mechanic in the area. There wasn’t any around not to long ago. Not sure if anyone around works on them now though.

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Cape Romain serves as mechanic and sales. I have smaller 2006-115 etec. Runs great, easy on the oil and great hole shot, very nice engine. Also have a Suzuki 90-4 stroke, same characteristics. Therefore, unless I was getting great deal on the etecs(which I did),I’d just go with Suzuki again or another 4stroke like yamaha. By way the cost of adding etec 2 stroke oil isn’t a whole lot different then paying dealer to change your oil. Unless you do it yourself, which is pretty darn easy.

Love my 2011 250 going to step up to a new gen 2 300 this winter! going to put the 250 Etec on one of my my other boat! Been great motor for me, never need a service tec! Change my own water pumps and filters and plugs.

I’ve been running my 150 etec on a 21’cc for 8 years now, maybe 500 hours on it. I still really like it and it had been trouble free up until last year when some magnets broke off of the stator and I couldn’t get the rpms up past 3500. I think there may have been a clogged injector too. Got those issues fixed (out of warranty, unfortunately) but really those are the only issues I’ve ever had in over 8 years. I really like the low maintenance aspect. I believe Cape Romain Marine is the only service tech in the area, that is where I take mine.

The new E-Tec 2-strokes are good. What impressed me most was how quiet they were for 2-strokes. Call Cape Romaine Marine they will hook it up

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you should start by putting this in the appropriate forum…try the boats and motors forum…you’ll get more productive input there…

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