Oregon Inlet Help

We’re taking a 30’ CC up in a few weeks and before I started bugging people at the docks, I figured I’d see if anyone had a buddy or charter up there that they think might help us get in and out of the inlet. After doing some reading, I am not planning to attempt the inlet without an experienced buddy boat no matter the conditions. Any recommendations? follow the fleet out in the am and get on the radio? find a charter once I get there that might be willing to lead us out and back in?


We’ve taken our 22’ bay boat to the outer banks and out oregon inlet several times during the summer. You may want to take a look at the charts on this site, they are constantly surveying the channel around the bridge and out to the bar:

We’ve followed boats out before as well as followed the channel per the charts above. There has been a couple times where we wouldn’t try getting out into the ocean due to the conditions, other times it was no trouble at all.