Out of town guests? Any blues/spanish at the jetties, yet?

Anyone seeing blues and spanish at the jetties/castle pinckney areas, yet.

A buddy’s parents are coming to town and would like to put them onto some fun fish. They’ve fished fresh water a lot, but, never salt.

A trip to the jetties would combine a little Charleston sight seeing with some fishing.

The big reds are biting well inshore. Chunk blue crab or big cut mullet on circles. I’d do that if they’ve never caught red fish, or go drown bait at the grilliage and let them pick through the sharks to get to the big reds. The sheeps should also be biting well at the jetties.

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I have a buddy that was a freshwater fisherman all his life. After catching his first big red he was hooked (no pun intended).

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I caught a 26" spanish at the jetties a couple of weeks ago on a live shrimp. Also caught one in a cast net in the cooper Sunday. I was hoping to target them soon also.

@PalmerScott if you don’t see them on top do you still troll for them or do you just keep looking for schools?

We love fising the jetties out to the C buoys and over toward Capers Reef and nearshore reef Unfortunately, one of my usual crew and i have trouble with turning green when anchored. So, we keep moving.

Default approach is idling along the length of the jetties on the down wind side. Throw noisy flashy gaudy lures or flies into the rocks and bring them out of the white water. Often pick up blues and spanish, some reds, and every now and then a small to medium King. Little bit of everything.

While doing that with flies or light spinning gear, watch for terns and gulls dropping. If/when we see that happening, hop up on plane and run to the spot. Often, spanish are pushing a bait ball to the surface and a mele’ breaks out. Throw any lure into/across the mele and retrieve fast. Ton of fun with 8 wgt fly rods.

Double and triple hook ups are common. Makes for a funny dance with three 9ft fly rods working fish in a 17ft Henry O.

Doesnt always work. But when it does, it is a riot. Get a big blue or a king on and it is an epic fight.