Overnight parking at Charleston area launches

Looking to take a trip on the water to Beaufort and spend the night. Are any of the launches in this area safe to park the truck and trailer overnight?

I typically use the Edgar Glenn boat ramp on hwy 170. It has a sign that says no overnight camping. I’d be very reluctant to leave my boat at any ramp unattended overnight.

I’m a little confused, which isn’t unusual :smiley: But the topic heading asks for Charleston are launches and the content asks for Beaufort?

Like FF said, if Beaufort then the Edgar Glenn landing on the Cheechessie river is a safe place to leave the truck and trailer overnight. I wouldn’t leave the boat there overnight. It is well lit and has a lot of LEO presence.

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Larry, I think he is wanting to travel the intracoastal from Charleston to Beaufort. The folks that I know who have done it, left from Limehouse landing on the Stono.

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Riverland Terrace boat ramp. It’s next door to the fire station so I imagine there will be people manning that station 24 hours. Hopefully that would discourage any thieves from going there. Then again, there is no guarantee anywhere in Charleston area that your vehicle will be safe the way things are these days. Just make sure wherever you leave your trailer that you have a lock on the receiver hitch AND trailer that can’t be cut by bolt cutters. Would hate to come back to a missing trailer. Also, Toogoodoo boat ramp is a place that I have left my vehicles for days at a time with no incident. A little harder to use with larger boats because there is not a dock for the passengers to jump in the boat. That being said, if you use the Toogoodoo ramp just park under the street light. Sheriff and DNR patrol that area at night. Depending on when you are going, and if you use the Toogoodoo ramp, I may be at my in-laws a few docks down from the ramp and would be happy to check up on your truck.

Sorry for the confusion. I am looking to travel from Charleston to Beaufort via the ICW. I am on Johns Island and ideally would like to use Limehouse but I was not sure if leaving my truck and trailer there overnight was a good idea. I do plan on locking it up and backing the trailer against something to make it harder to get it off the truck.

The best thing to do would see if you can get someone who can launch you and then take your rig back to your/their house and then pick you up again.

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Riverland Terrace, just used this ramp this past weekend for our annual trip to Beaufort. Have done it several years in a row, also have used it for overnight camping trips. I usually tell the guys in station what is up so they can keep an extra eye out and back in at a spot right next to the station. No guarantees but better than most other than private ramps. Watch the current at this ramp though, it is really bad and will float your trailer off sideways if you are not careful.

Sorry for my misunderstanding the question. I told you I’m often confused :smiley:

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Thank you all for the info. I will give Riverland a try.

i live in the Terrace. shoot me a PM if you need anything.

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Have someone not going on the trip with you help you launch the boat, then they take truck and trailer back to the house…come back and get you when you return.

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